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The Constitution and Event Guide


The WWT Constitution and User Guide
While WWT is a joint industry/HSE initiative, the emphasis is on encouraging the industry to do more to help itself (help from the industry, for the industry). As such, the WWT regional groups are autonomous units, staffed by industry volunteers, providing support, advice and information on good practice. HSE support the regional groups with logistic and financial support towards events meeting the WWT aims and objectives.
To receive HSE support, the group and event must both meet certain criteria. A ‘model’ WWT constitution has been drawn up setting out the aims and objectives of the WWT initiative and how the affairs of any group wishing to join the imitative are to be managed. The groups are required to adopt the WWT constitution which has been drawn up in a manner that allows leaves scope for slight amendments (with HSE consent) where necessary to better suit local circumstances.
The constitution is supported by a user guide that provides further guidelines on running a group, useful considerations when organising events and the other considerations which may also determine which events are part funded by HSE.
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