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Regional Groups

There are currently 18 WWT Regional Groups operating across England, Scotland and Wales. They provide a nationwide support, information sharing and advice network for the WWT members.

WWT group members come from all across the construction industry spectrum and include major contractors, small contractors, specialist services, training organisations, suppliers, colleges, local government, trade associations and safety groups.
By joining a WWT regional group you can pass on your knowledge and experience in health and safety issues to others who may have less or little knowledge and experience in those areas. The WWT groups also run college and apprenticeship events for construction apprentice and trainees and your knowledge and experience can also help influence the construction industry workforce of the future!!
75% of all those injured or killed on building sites in the UK work for companies employing fewer than 15 people and the through their events and support, the WWT groups provide a means through which these small construction companies and the self-employed can get relevant health and safety advice from those in the industry at little or no cost.
The majority of people who attend these events go away saying that they have learnt something new and will be making changes as a result - information and changes that may help protect them in future. We know that changes are actually being implemented following attendance at WWT events that in many cases, lead to noticeable improvement in health and safety among the smaller construction businesses. With over 4000 people attending WWT events each year, this has to be good news!
Organisations or individuals wishing to contribute to the Working Well Together initiative should get in touch with their local group in the first instance.  For information and questions about WWT in areas where there are currently no groups, please contact Adebayo Ige
For more information on the groups partners, planned events and local WWT news in a region, click onto the region you are interested in on the map below  or select from the regions listed on the left. 
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