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WWT South Wales - About Our Group

The South Wales Working Well Together Group was set up in 2003 to provide help for the industry, from the industry.
The Group has attracted members from across the industry spectrum and includes representatives from major contractors, training organisations and councils.
We are one of the most active groups in the country delivering a wide range of health and safety events each year, nearly all of which are free of charge. These are mainly focussed on the needs of small and medium contractors, but have included designer days and mock trial events.  
'In 2018 we are concentrating on hitting the issues that HSE are targeting locally, such as refurbishment and health issues. By continuing this work, the message will slowly get around the industry that standards have to improve. As always, the event feedback forms show that what we deliver is relevant, of interest and well presented.'                                      

Attila Balla - South Wales Group Chairman



Some of the South Wales WWT Partners - 2018 AGM


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